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pat7 (or Patricia Lestari of Patty Cakes) Disney Princess set featuring the "Seven [Catholic] Virtues" --- an offset of the "Seven [Deadly] Sins" (a "Seven Sins" DeviantART set piece by chill07 can be viewed has been making 'rounds around the tumblrsphere and on general craftsmanship alone, the pieces are wonderfully colorful and befitting of the chosen Princesses. Funnily enough this artist appears to be the only artist (so far) who's completed a set of Disney artwork featuring either virtures or sin and I could've swore this kind of genre would've been more popular, especially given the design of Disney's product overall, among artists. That aside, I've searching for other artists to spotlight here with the other Disney heroines, but it's a troublesome task given that searching characters like Kida or Nani seem to bring up nothing but cheesecake and bondage art (ick, ick, icky-poo-poo).

On a final note does anyone know the name of this lovely template used as the character's backdrop? I know it was popularized by official Sailor Moon artwork (such as this), but I've never known the 'name' of the style that's used.

Artists Comments:
Pocahontas - Nature's Chastity: Pocahontas is the purest one among disney girls and she's the toughest in heart. The colour scheme i used was orange cus it shows purity. The ornaments in the upper part are lily and lotus arrangement symbolize purity and honesty. The symbols inside the halo circle are butterflies which shows honesty, gentleness and tenderness. and the other one is symbol of royalty
Esmeralda - Pure Kindness: Esmeralda stands for quasimodo with all her bravery and kindness towards him. The colour scheme i used was pink cus it shows affection, love, and kindness. The ornaments in the upper part are flower arrangement of flax and elderberry, flowers which symbolize kindness and purity. The symbols inside the halo circle are the ancient symbol of kindness and the offering hand gesture shows kindness as well as helpful and modesty.

Tiana - Diligence from the heart: Tiana is the most diligent princess who's also a hard worker and highly spirited. The colour scheme i used was red cus it shows hard work, diligence, and strength. The ornaments in the upper part are forest with waterfall bushes and flax to represent peace. The symbols inside the halo circle are eye, for curiosity and knowledge; the bee represent hard work.
Mulan - Honorable Humility: Mulan, with a great bravery has taken her family's pride with her, makes her the princess of humility. The colour scheme i used was green cus it shows respect and honour The ornaments in the upper part are flower arrangement of Sampaguita, flowers which symbolize respect and humility. The symbols inside the halo circle are the ancient symbol of humility and dragon shows bravery and respect.
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