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FOR THE LONGEST TIME, I thought of going back to tumblr to create a counterpart blog for this community, but by complete chance I came across disneyofcolor, a blog dedicated to the POC characters featured in Walt Disney animated features (and other animated features). Naturally, I acted quickly and asked if they wanted to affiliate with the community and they said 'yes'. So, ladies and gentlemen, be sure to check out of disneyofcolor if you're looking for great .gif sets or graphics featuring your favorite heroes and heroines.

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SENSATIONAL DISNEY.NET is now disney_pocs newest affiliate.

If you own a tumblr or are looking for a Disney blog with great graphics, check out their blog.
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The Website Directory has been updated with articles and new [tumblr] sites.
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Out of sheer boredom I decided to search for articles, essays or rants on the lack of depiction of POC in Once Upon a Time and Disney with the recent news of Mulan. Not a whole lot beyond one tumblr blogger showed up, a few tumblr tags for "disney rant" or "disney rage" and what not, but that's about it. I did happen to notice that this also showed up in the result though:

However, I don't know if this because of my own frequented search result past or because I just used really searchable keywords and employed them as a username for a community :D. Either way, I'm tickled pink.

I suppose I don't have to plug, but feministdisney and arsmarginal are two exceptional blogs you should at least take a gander at once if you want a dissection or examination of popular media.
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[ profile] disney_pocs is looking for co-moderators. The only stipulations are that you have to be well versed in the realm of navigating livejournal functions, a disney fan (one who doesn't bash whatever they don't like) and well, generally being willing to be a fair and firm mod. If you're interested in a Co-Mod position, please use this template to apply. Comments are screened.

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While the almighty google provides a great plenty of information on just about anything and everything you can think of, I've recently learned obtaining information for a multipurpose community is just a little more difficult than searching or finding information for only subject.

Basically, the purpose of this thread is simple: If you happen to come across any news concerning major or obscure disney or even televison/movie news and etcetera featuring people of color characters in Disney, please leave a link here and it will be posted to the community. Comments are screened.
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Alright this has kinda become a template of mine for new communities, more or less born out of tagging one too many of the legendary "Intro Posts" of the olden days from other comms I adopted a co-mod position on. Basically the gist is this: "Instead of having a bunch of Introduction Posts Scattered around the community as it grows (no matter how helpful it is to the post count), I've decided to create one singular Thread that allows members of the com to read and get to each other (if they wish), maybe even make new friends with a common interest. Fill out the application below in the text-area box and post your intro into the comments section below. If you don't want to fill a certain part of the application below, simply remove it.


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