"Brother Bear", "Mulan" "Atlantis" and "Hunchback" to recieve Blu-Ray treatment

Walt Disney Studios has called in the plumber and the clog has been cleared, resulting in a deluge of animated classics all being released for the first time on Disney blu-ray on March 12, 2013. While not all of have been officially confirmed to us by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, now is the time to start saving those pennies to complete your home video collection.

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#Discussion: Disney, Sexism and Racism


Nathyn/Nome recently posted a commentary on zan blog about how Disney is going to go off princesses, but we really don’t need any more of their princesses anyways. One of the commentors disagrees with zan complaint of Mulan, but added “I’m more worried about the ethnocentrism. In America, we love to read Woman Warrior at college and make fun of how sexist they are in China and how enlightened we are in the Occident. We also love to appropriate oriental stories, both mythological and contemporary, to give them the Hollywood treatment.”

This is something that is definitely important to notice. China is not the only country to have problems with subjugating women. The US did it, and there are still problems in the present (trigger warning: rape, rape apologism). China also doesn’t have a homogenous history of constantly oppressing women, they also had Empress Wu who improved the status of women, had scholars write history of women, invented entirely new characters to show her greatness, and declared herself Maitreya Buddha, 900 years before Queen Elizabeth. The point- everywhere has good and bad parts of its history, and it’s problematic to think otherwise.

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#Discussion: "Tiana 4 Once Upon a Time"

TIANA4OUAT is a tumblr blog that appears to have been created in response to the Tiana fans wondering aloud "When is Tiana going to appear on Once Upon a Time?" (despite the heavily doubt she'll ever appear because ABC's less than glowing track record with WOC who don't look like Lana Parilla). She, Mulan, Esmeralda and Jasmine (Shang, Naveen, Aladdin) are among some of the POC Princesses a lot of fans were hoping to see in the second season and while Mulan managed to make it onto the series with a episodic status alongside Lancelot, the others have yet to appear. The blog was presumably created five months ago and keeps sporadic tabs on the news, its most recent post pertaining to inclusion of Mulan in a review and some unknown spat I'm not privy to.

That aside, for a blog that is "campaigning" for Tiana to get an appearance on OUAT, there's not a lot of what I would expect to find on a blog of its kind. No petitioning, no theories (aside from the ones reposted from ouattheories), no head-canons or those ever popular Role Playing faceclaims or dreamcasts (but maybe that's a good thing since I shudder to see yet another "Zoe Saldana as everyone Black Woman in media" RP post). I'm not one to tell anyone how to run a blog, but I suppose a little more activity (RL notwithstanding) would probably garner more interest in the blog and attract more attention from the crowd who want to see.

#Character Spotlight: "Disney High School" by Nina-D-Lux

AH, YES, the dreaded and loathed "High School AU" genre in fanfiction is like a stray cat that won't go away. You can toss a ball and watch it run, but it'll always come back. Yet, despite this, I find the following art set accompanying this fic, pretty cute. I like the take on the Disney Heroines here, even if there's little variety in between the styles. You can see the whole set at the artists DeviantART page.


#Disucssion: Esmeralda, the missing Disney Princess

WARNING: Slut Shaming

Whenever I see lists of Disney Princesses, it always irks me that Esmeralda is not included.

Yes, she is a romanticized stereotype; yes she is an inaccurate representation of a whole ethnicity…but why is she not among the princesses?

Pocahontas, a woman who as a Native American was not a “princess” is listed there. She had no queen, no king, but she is still included as an “official princess”.

Esmeralda is never listed any where as a princess, she isn’t even considered worthy of this, despite her lead role in the movie. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because she’s a “Gypsy”. In the Hugo story, she is the daughter of a prostitute, whisked off by Gypsies in replacement for Quasimodo, the deformed and “real” Gypsy. Esmeralda is non-Gypsy - yet she is raised as one and vilified as one.

She is portrayed as a slut - even in the Disney cartoon. As a thief of men’s hearts, as using sex as power. She is ultimately executed for her ethnicity (even though really, she isn’t even a true Romani). Gypsies are portrayed as thieves and no good street entertainers. They’re portrayed as being outcasts and violent…

and I believe that is why, although supposedly a woman to admire in the Disney version of the book, she will NEVER be shown as anything other than a misplaced, offensive, and romanticized stereotype.

Where are the re-drawings of “corrected” Esmeralda? Where are the reworkings of her character like we see of Pocahontas and Mulan?

It will never happen - because we don’t even get that much respect.


The Seven Virtues - featuring the Disney Princesses

pat7 (or Patricia Lestari of Patty Cakes) Disney Princess set featuring the "Seven [Catholic] Virtues" --- an offset of the "Seven [Deadly] Sins" (a "Seven Sins" DeviantART set piece by chill07 can be viewed @Jezebel.com) has been making 'rounds around the tumblrsphere and on general craftsmanship alone, the pieces are wonderfully colorful and befitting of the chosen Princesses. Funnily enough this artist appears to be the only artist (so far) who's completed a set of Disney artwork featuring either virtures or sin and I could've swore this kind of genre would've been more popular, especially given the design of Disney's product overall, among artists. That aside, I've searching for other artists to spotlight here with the other Disney heroines, but it's a troublesome task given that searching characters like Kida or Nani seem to bring up nothing but cheesecake and bondage art (ick, ick, icky-poo-poo).

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Rumors of Upcoming Disney on Broadway Productions

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
In 2008, Stephen Schwartzsaid, “I think we’re starting up Hunchback of Notre Dame, hopefully, next year (2009). Rumor has reached my ear that it’s happening.” Thomas Schumacher, head of Disney Theatrical, discussed current and future stage productions in an article published by the Columbus Dispatch on September 21, 2008. In the article, a US-version of Hunchback is listed among others as being in development, “Disney’s first original foreign-language production, which ran from 1999 to 2002 in Berlin, is being revamped for its U.S. premiere.” In a recent interview, Alan Menken confirmed an American revival coming soon to New York. No casting has been announced.

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#Discussion: Nothing's like Before - "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (2012)"

Earlier this year, Square Enix's wildly popular action RPG franchise, Kingdom Hearts, celebrated its 10th anniversary and released Kingdom Hearts [3D] Dream Drop Distance in succession to its celebration on the Nintendo 3DS. The same. Among the featured worlds to visit in the game, Hunchback of Notre Dame, who's world is named "La Cité des Cloches" (The City of Bells), is one of the major levels. Is anyone here familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series and still remotely looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III?

If you're a fan be sure to check out our new affiliate: [livejournal.com profile] 0kingdom_hearts, a fairly active KH community.

The Disney Dresssphere Project by skirtzzz @DeviantART.com

THANKS TO THE POWERS OF social media websites (such as Tumblr.com, The Mary Sue or Wired.com), DeviantART artists tend to become fairly popular rather quickly and they catch the attention all those who watch them. Like Jirka Väätäinen, shoomlah, and viria13 before her, skirtzzz made internet headlines with her Disney Princess Dresssphere collection.

Beserker (Pocahontas), Thief (Kida), Black Mage (Esmerleda)

The collection featured almost every Disney Heroine from a feature or animated film as Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy X-2 inspired Summons and Dresssphere,  fanservicy combat-geared costumes as used by Yuna, Paine and Riku. However, of all the characters she presented at the present, Tiana was unfortunately represented in her collection as a Frog Mascot akin to the kind you'd see a football or baseball game while the other characters were looking ravishing in their flowing dresses and sparkly costumes. The set eventually found its way to tumblr and the ever-present presence of the social justice sphere caught hold of it and rightfully inquired as to why Tiana was the only Princess out of the handful she'd created then was singled out and left in a rather unflattering uniform. However, unlike the situation shoomlah faced in regards to her Pocahontas piece, the objection was strong enough that the artist acknowledged the complaints and redrew Tiana as arguably one of the strongest Final Fantasy summons in the series, SHIVA. But of course, one cannot have Tiana without Charlotte LeBoeuf and she was also given a summon redesign. I'm rather surprised there aren't any complaints about making Mulan, a Chinese hero, a Japanese Samurai, but nonetheless, the collection is pretty and well thought out for the most part. Click behind the cut to check out the selected few.