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I ASSUMED THAT the egregious redesigns of the Disney Princesses would stop at Belle or Cinderella and tossing glitter on every gal's dress, but apparently it has begun again. A random Disney tumbleblog, thedisneydifference, has posted some low quality scans and instagram shots of Pocahontas outfitted with gaudy jewelry pinned to the collar and waist of the dress (almost mildly resigned) and impractical feather earnings that a would land her on an episode of Fashion Police. The only thing left to change is her hair and dress which is seriously lacking in the glitter department. EDIT (12/19/2012): The equally gaudy backpack the artwork is featured on is available for purchase at the disney store, higher quality screens are now available above.

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Harrods will make every girl's dreams come true this Christmas when they unveil their festive windows at their legendary Knightsbridge store on November 1. An elite team of 10 womenswear designers, including Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and - fresh from kitting out the real life fairytale Luxembourg royal wedding at the weekend - Elie Saab, have been enlisted to re-imagine the iconic Disney Princess dresses.

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APART OF THE "chosen designs from the Disney Villains T-shirt Design Challenge", Casting Shadows is Doctor Facilier's unsexi t-shirt available fort $23.50 [SOURCE]
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I saw this tumblr earlier today. Apparently, someone on was/is selling a set of Disney Princesses. At first glance one might assume the lady in the lilypad dress is "Tinkerbell" via Peter Pan, but believe it or not, it a repainted version of "Tiana" of Princess and the Frog. Whether or not this was a mistake on the part of Disney or some a-hole at Ebay who decided he didn't like the fact that Tiana is black is rather elusive.



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