Production Photography from "Beauty and the Beast" Broadway

I stumbled upon more production photography from Toni Braxton's stint as Belle in the Broadway version of "Beauty and the Beast". I wish there were higher quality material out there for this version of the film.


Toni Braxton as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast (1998-1999)" Broadway

Toni Braxton made her Broadway debut as Belle in Beauty and the Beast beginning September 9, 1998, when she replaced Kim Huber. During her run in the show Alan Menken wrote a new song for the musical called “A Change in Me,” which was specially written for Braxton and has been used in the musical ever since. Her role in Beauty and the Beast marked the first (and only) time a black woman commanded the leading role of Belle on Broadway. It also marked the first time a black woman would star in a Disney musical on Broadway. [SOURCE (2)]

Toni's Musical Number )