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3 years ago, David Kawena and I created this project called Princess Academy for Disney. We wanted to create a very artistic, classy but also very funny hand drawn short. Eight times Academy Award winning composer, Alan Menken was very excited about the project and agreed to work on it the moment we would have green light from the studio.

After months working on it, with hundreds and hundreds of storyboards and concept art, the Disney Animation hand drawn studios closed its doors. So there was no point for us to even show that project. I believe this image shows very well the mixture of artistic, high standard and humour of the project. Hope you will like it. Feel free to click on the share button. ~ Olivier Ciappa.

Tomorrow evening, I'll put a new concept art that we've done for Princess Academy on my page. Be sure to go on David Kawena's page too. He'll put a different one. ~ Olivier Ciappa

Tiana for some post prosperity.

Feel free to share this second concept art from the 'Princess Academy' project I created with David Kawena. This is a Roman/Greek inspired statue of Megara that was to be displayed at the Academy building in the short film. A first storyboard frame from the project is on David's page, be sure to check it out. I also invite you all to the page of my dear friend Susan Egan, who voiced Megara in the Disney animated movie Hercules. ~ Olivier Ciappa

Here is another images from our "Princess Academy" project. This storyboard frame is one of my favourites as it challenged me to draw outside of my comfort zone. Plus, it was a pleasure drawing Madame Adelaide - a character usually forgotten by Disney and it's fans. Even though it is only a storyboard frame it was my goal to try and keep the characters on model and as recognisable as possible out respect to their original designers and animators. For a very special concept art from 'Princess Academy' featuring a very unusual heroine, please visit the page of director and writer for the project - Olivier Ciappa

Feel free to share and help us spreading the word on this project and bring some love back to 2D, hand drawn animation. DK. ~ David Kawena



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