Aug. 25th, 2012

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pat7 (or Patricia Lestari of Patty Cakes) Disney Princess set featuring the "Seven [Catholic] Virtues" --- an offset of the "Seven [Deadly] Sins" (a "Seven Sins" DeviantART set piece by chill07 can be viewed has been making 'rounds around the tumblrsphere and on general craftsmanship alone, the pieces are wonderfully colorful and befitting of the chosen Princesses. Funnily enough this artist appears to be the only artist (so far) who's completed a set of Disney artwork featuring either virtures or sin and I could've swore this kind of genre would've been more popular, especially given the design of Disney's product overall, among artists. That aside, I've searching for other artists to spotlight here with the other Disney heroines, but it's a troublesome task given that searching characters like Kida or Nani seem to bring up nothing but cheesecake and bondage art (ick, ick, icky-poo-poo).

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Rodger's and Hammerstein's 1997 remake of their 1957 Cinderella musical has seen something of a resurgence of modest popularity with the untimely passing of songstress Whitney Huston (whom I'll miss forever, like many others). The film debuted on television via "The Wonderful World of Disney" and was one of the block's highest rated [musical] films (or shows) at the time. This particular rendition of Cinderella is noted for its diverse "rainbow" cast, musical numbers and equally colorful sets and costumes.

One of the things I've always enjoyed about the film (aside from some of its musical numbers) that the 1950 film lacked was the empathesis of action and inaction with the protagonist (or "dreamers") and making things happen as opposed to remaining passive and allowing emotional or verbal abuse to continue, even if it doesn't technically fire on all cylinders with the message. Brandy makes a wonderfully charming and bright-eyed Cinderella and Whitney Huston is the best Fairy Godmother yet, as a stern, but encouraging guardian angel. The movie will celebrate its 15th anniversary November 2nd, 2012 since premiering on television in 1997. I can't believe they never released a soundtrack for this (unless I'm mistaken).

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ROCK'N'ROSA THE HISPANIC HEROINE is a fan creation and response to the lack of a Latino Princess in the "Disney Princess" franchise or Disney animated canon in general. The inspiration for RNR was the disappointment behind the announcement of Disney's Frozen (primarily the fact that the company was creating yet another white Princess as opposed to stretching out with other cultures and POC characters post-PATF) has become strong enough that the creators (or co-creators), Pugletto Lyndez and Yencid has gathered a following on Tumblr and encouragement from their followers.

The movement is remincent of the Arkh Project ----a project to promote Queer video game characters of color in a would-be mainstream RPG game --- that never came to be as a result of vuage promises, a money scam and other problematic elements and while I'm concerned that nothing will come from this (as its not in any way affiliated or endorsed by the Disney corporation), I should hope that it's efforts aren't disuaded and have at least inspired others persue fairy-tale esque projects like this for their POC characters when the mainsteam won't offer it to them. Be sure to check the tumblr tag dedicated to their work.

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