Oct. 9th, 2012

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Beauty and the Beast 1.03 ‘All In’ Stills. (Patch 1 of 2)

The first of a set of promo pictures from the new CW television series, Beauty and the Beast, a reboot of the 1980s television series. In this series, police detective Catherine Chandler is played by Kristen Kreuk and her fellow detective, Tess Vargas, is played by Nina Lisandrello.

The role of Catherine Chandler was originated by a white actress in the 1980s (Linda Hamilton) and the role of Tess Vargas is written on IMDB as “Tess O’Malley,” suggesting that the character was originally supposed to be Irish. So here we have two “racebent” roles, and the result is a show that features two women of color working in the police force as partners!

At the ComicCon panel for Beauty and the Beast, the showrunners explained that this pairing exists in the real world in police forces, but is something that is rarely, if ever, depicted. (The trope that women doing police work or really, any kind of work, are partnered up with a man.) The showrunners are also women and they plan on addressing some of the sexism that women who are police officers experience through Catherine’s story. [X]

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2. The "Overbearing" Father

This type of father is one many are familiar with in their own lives; they want the best for their children but as a result can come off controlling. These fathers’ overbearing attitude offers a plot device for the movie. In Pocahontas, her father urges her to marry Kocoum even though she is reluctant to do so. In Aladdin, Jasmine’s dad is also obsessed with her getting married (seriously though, these girls are still teenagers). Mulan’s father too wishes her to become a respectful lady and make a good match, however he seems to accept her for who she is a bit more than the other fathers in this category. Regardless of the extent, each of these fathers present a reason for these characters to work harder for what they want, despite the consequences.

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The entertaiment trade magazine Variety revealed more of the veteran actors and younger talent who voiced the English dub of Goro Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill film on Friday. The main cast includes Gillian Anderson (X-Files, Princess Mononoke), Jamie Lee Curtis (A Fish Called Wanda, Freaky Friday), Bruce Dern (Silent Running, Coming Home), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men, Drive), Ron Howard (Happy Days, American Graffiti), Chris Noth (Sex in the City, The Good Wife), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) and Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac).

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TRYING TO LOCATE great or halfway decent artwork of Disney Heroes is a pain the ass, most especially for characters like Li Shang. DeviantART search result typically bear cosplaying, screencaps or character renders from Kingdom Hearts and for the most part, these are the only pieces that really appealed to me.

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