Dec. 15th, 2012

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Walt Disney Studios has called in the plumber and the clog has been cleared, resulting in a deluge of animated classics all being released for the first time on Disney blu-ray on March 12, 2013. While not all of have been officially confirmed to us by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, now is the time to start saving those pennies to complete your home video collection.

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I don’t where I read it, but for the longest time I thought Disney’s next animated film “The snow queen” ( now frozen) was set in Mongolia. But the newest concept art officially and completely squishes that, so I am now lamenting the change with a concept of what could have been.

Artist note: painted this in sketch club and accidently destroyed the colors halfway through, they were much better before :(

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The Disney roadshow in Melbourne this month put 2013 in the spotlight with new films, new television shows, revitalised properties and big plans for beloved characters.

[..]The Disney Princesses will show off a sparkling new look from January and will kick off new consumer campaigns, the first of which is the Disney Princess Movie Festival for five weeks over February and March at Event, Greater Union and Village Cinemas showing: Cinderella, Pocahontas, Mulan, Princess & The Frog and Tangled. In July, Disney’s newest princess, Brave’s Merida, will have her official Princess coronation and the celebration of Ariel will take product and retail under the sea. [SOURCE]
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Ugh yes, I LOVED HER. Was so pissed she wasn’t in the sequel that much, nearly didn’t watch it.

Fucking loved her.

I got my style from her. And I was all about that hairstyle yo.

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Borra WeekSurprise and Moonlight

A Peter Pan/LOK crossover because Bolin is green and Korra is blue? Also Bolin reminds me of Peter quite a bit. The background is off a screenshot, doctored and tweaked into submission.

Supremely late, I know. I had to force myself into finishing this since I’m having a pretty bad day in exchange for a good night last night. My head still feels like I’m foxtrotting with a jackhammer *groan*

Also, I’ve gained nearly a hundred followers overnight? Did I accidentally sell my soul or something? Welcome to my Tumblr, I hope you enjoy your stay :D

Past weeks done so far: BromotionsZutara


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