Dec. 17th, 2012

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I ASSUMED THAT the egregious redesigns of the Disney Princesses would stop at Belle or Cinderella and tossing glitter on every gal's dress, but apparently it has begun again. A random Disney tumbleblog, thedisneydifference, has posted some low quality scans and instagram shots of Pocahontas outfitted with gaudy jewelry pinned to the collar and waist of the dress (almost mildly resigned) and impractical feather earnings that a would land her on an episode of Fashion Police. The only thing left to change is her hair and dress which is seriously lacking in the glitter department. EDIT (12/19/2012): The equally gaudy backpack the artwork is featured on is available for purchase at the disney store, higher quality screens are now available above.

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Welcome to [community profile] disney_pocs, an inclusive community dedicated to the appreciation and general discussion of characters of color in Walt Disney’s animated features, television shows and other multimedia. Despite the graphics, the discussion and use of the community is not restricted nor ends with the “The Disney Princess ™” Brand created by company; this community also includes male, minor and villain characters of color under the Disney (or Pixar) brand.
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disney_pocs has a new affiliate: [community profile] thelaughingplace created by the moderators of the now closed down [ profile] wd_rewatch on If you've got an account, please feel free to join 'em.


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