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Kida - the Forgotten Disney Princess
Atlantis: The Lost Empire is not considered a Disney classic, but is definitely one of Disney’s gems, as a film that takes on mythological ideas and expands upon it by creating a plausible world that blends the spiritual with the scientific. It has a few problems - elements of White Savior-ism for example - but I consider it one of Disney’s great underrated films.

The one character that I think is perhaps one of the most underrated women in Disney’s animated films is Kida, Disney’s forgotten princess of Atlantis. As she was created in the post-1990s Disney Renaissance but pre-Princess and the Frog, she is unfortunately in the limbo of Disney films. She is also one of the few princesses who is not the protagonist of the film she is in, and the only princess not to be featured in a musical film, the big stick that drives her into not being considered among the princess elites.

Despite all of this, Kida would be given her due as a princess in her own class because she is proactive, loyal to her people, and strong. She has the tenacity of Jasmine and the the adventurous nature of Pocahontas, taking control of Milo’s knowledge about the forgotten culture of Atlantis to learn how to save her people.

Of course, there are some aspects of Sleeping Beauty after Kida basically gets turned into a living energy source leaving her frozen. Ultimately though, her butt-kicking attitude and desire to save her homeland gives Kida a strong personality and ambition that should make her among the great Disney princesses. She continues to be a gem of a character in my book, and although Disney merchandise will tell you otherwise, Kida will remain as one of the finest princesses of them all. [SOURCE]
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