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SO, THE MOD OF THE TUMBLR BLOG (Mary), petitetiaras, decided to close her blog of the same name because folk were re-posting her graphics and recieving likes and follows as a result. Most I've come across never credited, others did. But the apparent request that people not re-post her work didn't go heeded so she decided to close her blog, but has maintained to keep simpledisneythings and her other blogs open. I'm generally apthatic toward the closure of blogs especially with ones that have a legion of followers, but seems just a tad reactionary, especially given the nature of that particular website, especially when it doesn't bypass Tumblr's tag search.

20 Day Disney Couples Challenge
1. Lady (your favorite girl from any pairing)
2. Gentleman (your favorite guy from any pairing)
3. First Impressions (your favorite scene where the couple first meets)
4. Last impressions (your favorite scene where the couple ends up)
5. Love Song (your favorite couples duet)
6. Romantic Gesture (your favorite thing one did for the other)
7. Emotions (your favorite scene of happy/sad emotions with the couple)
8. Dance (your favorite dance scene with the couple)
9. Sweet nothings (your favorite romantic quote that the couple shared)
10. Wedding Bells (your favorite wedding scene)
11. Family (the couple you think would have the cutest family)
12. Hugs (your favorite scene the couple shared in each other’s arms)
13. Date (your favorite date scene with the couple)
14. Precious moment (your favorite moment shared between the couple)
15. Rescue (your favorite scene where either partner saves the day)
16. Kiss (your favorite kiss scene with the couple)
17. Ever After (your favorite happy ending)
18. Non-canon (your favorite pairing from different stories)
19. Animal (your favorite animal couple)
20. Lovers (your favorite Disney couple of all time)

drag the image to tell your Disney Princess story.

I got:
Pocahontas (Princess)
Pasquale (Best Friend)
Aladdin (Lover)
Prince Eric's Castle (Living in)
Fa Mulan's Parents (Raised By)
Dr. Facilier (Villain)

How about you?
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