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Nathyn/Nome recently posted a commentary on zan blog about how Disney is going to go off princesses, but we really don’t need any more of their princesses anyways. One of the commentors disagrees with zan complaint of Mulan, but added “I’m more worried about the ethnocentrism. In America, we love to read Woman Warrior at college and make fun of how sexist they are in China and how enlightened we are in the Occident. We also love to appropriate oriental stories, both mythological and contemporary, to give them the Hollywood treatment.”

This is something that is definitely important to notice. China is not the only country to have problems with subjugating women. The US did it, and there are still problems in the present (trigger warning: rape, rape apologism). China also doesn’t have a homogenous history of constantly oppressing women, they also had Empress Wu who improved the status of women, had scholars write history of women, invented entirely new characters to show her greatness, and declared herself Maitreya Buddha, 900 years before Queen Elizabeth. The point- everywhere has good and bad parts of its history, and it’s problematic to think otherwise.

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WARNING: Slut Shaming

Whenever I see lists of Disney Princesses, it always irks me that Esmeralda is not included.

Yes, she is a romanticized stereotype; yes she is an inaccurate representation of a whole ethnicity…but why is she not among the princesses?

Pocahontas, a woman who as a Native American was not a “princess” is listed there. She had no queen, no king, but she is still included as an “official princess”.

Esmeralda is never listed any where as a princess, she isn’t even considered worthy of this, despite her lead role in the movie. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because she’s a “Gypsy”. In the Hugo story, she is the daughter of a prostitute, whisked off by Gypsies in replacement for Quasimodo, the deformed and “real” Gypsy. Esmeralda is non-Gypsy - yet she is raised as one and vilified as one.

She is portrayed as a slut - even in the Disney cartoon. As a thief of men’s hearts, as using sex as power. She is ultimately executed for her ethnicity (even though really, she isn’t even a true Romani). Gypsies are portrayed as thieves and no good street entertainers. They’re portrayed as being outcasts and violent…

and I believe that is why, although supposedly a woman to admire in the Disney version of the book, she will NEVER be shown as anything other than a misplaced, offensive, and romanticized stereotype.

Where are the re-drawings of “corrected” Esmeralda? Where are the reworkings of her character like we see of Pocahontas and Mulan?

It will never happen - because we don’t even get that much respect.

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LIKE WITH MOST DISNEY films, TANGLED went through development hell in the sense that no one seemed able to come up with concrete or solid character designs and storylines they wanted to see developed. And in a strange way, the racebent art, the product given and the information behind its production tends to herald a sad tale of "what if, that could've been awesome" woes. So many interesting concepts ditched for a mainstream approach. The most changed character in the film is undoubtedly "Flynn Ryder", who went from a Romani thief, a heavy set man, a modern day brat of a boy in musical battle with Rapunzel, to a plethora of other things before reaching the Han Solo Disney Prince Parody presented in the film. Artist Jim Kim's design for the character was the Romani thief named Bastion who truly appeared like he could sweet talk or fight his way out a situation as absurd as a raging horse with a hard on to arrest him, problematic as his very design and desgination (theif, the Roma are always bloody thieves) happens to be.

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tumblr user lightspeedsound lists in a fourteen minute video 5 problematic counter arguments in relation to the nature of the Disney Fandom's problematic "blind-eye" counter-arguments against the Feminist critiques and disappointments with Disney's franchise and treatment of women in a post-adolescent age.

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This was initially where my last post about Disney, Sexism and Racism was going until I realized that Disney’s racism really does deserve it’s own topic. If not a series of them. The problematic issues brought up in that post are still true in this one. I also suggest everyone read ColorQ’s review which goes down how incredibly inaccurate Mulan is to the source material as well as Chinese culture at the time and a few other points as well, and this post in no way refutes them- they’re all true.

Aside from the numerous problems (which are inevitable, this being Disney and Hollywood in general), I do like Mulan, I like the way it approaches sexism because it isn’t in an over-the-top approach of smashing anyone over the head with an aesop or trying to invalidate feminists, it wouldn’t be an awful way of showing it in our culture. Unfortunately, Mulan would probably be completely unacceptable if she were white and in white culture.

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by disneyforprincesses

First and furthermost, I most sincerely appreciate and care for both Lottie and her friendship with Tiana, yet constructive criticism must be done.

Lottie is an interesting character, she’s your typical girly, over the top, princess loving rich girl. She’s your typical southern belle,too. Lottie is that adorable character from Princess and The Frog. She’s funny, humorous, and most importantly, one of the most, if not MOST popular character from Princess and The Frog.

The greatest problem is even though this is suppose to be Tiana’s movie and Disney’s answer to their past white princess films. However Disney deliberately decides to put in a white princess-like character who is ‘VERY HISTORICALLY INACCURATE’ (to quote my HISTORICALLY ACCURATE friends) Tiana’s bff.

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So 'Princess and the Frog' has been decidedly picked apart by internal crituqes to the point wherein there doesn't seem to be much for people to enjoy, but it isn't without reason. To a degree this is something I've felt for the longest time but could never put into words and I think the writer here gets across the problematic element of Tiana's relationship with Charlotte well. Agree or disagree?
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SO I WENT BROWSING through feministdisney once again and came across a post detailing a few points from what appears to a college paper on the breakdown of Walt Disney's archetypes within the Disney Princess brand and feminist outlook and opinions on how Walt Disney market's its animated features to children, specifically women. Unfortunately, it centralizes its argument/thesis on Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle and Tiana only and I was rather hoping to see a breakdown of them all, but alas it is an interesting (if not linear) research paper that brings up great points about the company and its methods of advertisement on a subliminal level.

“This research paper is designed to look into gender identity and gender roles through Disney movies. In order to do this, Disney princesses are being researched through four main Disney movies that have a quintessential Disney princess. The research is designed to look at how media exposure affects gender, in particular young girls. It is done in order to see how identity is transformed through long term ideals and virtues set forth from the animated films and from the standard viewpoints of feminists.”

[...]“Four themes emerge from a study done by Towbin, Haddock, Zimmerman, Lund, and Tanner (2011), three themes emerged related to what it means to be a girl/woman:

(a) A woman‘s appearance is valued more than her intellect;
(b) Women are helpless and in need of protection;
(c) Women are domestic and likely to marry. Women‘s appearance is valued more than their intellect. ―In Dwarfs, the Queen‘s motivation to kill Snow White derives from the Queen‘s jealousy that Snow White is the fairest in the land. In Sleeping, the first gift given to the baby princess is beauty.‖ (Towbin et. al, 2011) Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Tiana from Princess and the Frog are admired for their appearance and intellect, but their intellects are ridiculed in the films for love of reading or owning a restaurant. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty show how women are helpless and in need of protection, Belle and Tiana are independent but also show a need for protection. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle are all domestic and show a desire for marriage. None of these three themes are conducive to the atmosphere of playing princess that little girls would be playing and imitating.” [READ PDF]

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