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2. The "Overbearing" Father

This type of father is one many are familiar with in their own lives; they want the best for their children but as a result can come off controlling. These fathers’ overbearing attitude offers a plot device for the movie. In Pocahontas, her father urges her to marry Kocoum even though she is reluctant to do so. In Aladdin, Jasmine’s dad is also obsessed with her getting married (seriously though, these girls are still teenagers). Mulan’s father too wishes her to become a respectful lady and make a good match, however he seems to accept her for who she is a bit more than the other fathers in this category. Regardless of the extent, each of these fathers present a reason for these characters to work harder for what they want, despite the consequences.

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WARNING: Slut Shaming

Whenever I see lists of Disney Princesses, it always irks me that Esmeralda is not included.

Yes, she is a romanticized stereotype; yes she is an inaccurate representation of a whole ethnicity…but why is she not among the princesses?

Pocahontas, a woman who as a Native American was not a “princess” is listed there. She had no queen, no king, but she is still included as an “official princess”.

Esmeralda is never listed any where as a princess, she isn’t even considered worthy of this, despite her lead role in the movie. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because she’s a “Gypsy”. In the Hugo story, she is the daughter of a prostitute, whisked off by Gypsies in replacement for Quasimodo, the deformed and “real” Gypsy. Esmeralda is non-Gypsy - yet she is raised as one and vilified as one.

She is portrayed as a slut - even in the Disney cartoon. As a thief of men’s hearts, as using sex as power. She is ultimately executed for her ethnicity (even though really, she isn’t even a true Romani). Gypsies are portrayed as thieves and no good street entertainers. They’re portrayed as being outcasts and violent…

and I believe that is why, although supposedly a woman to admire in the Disney version of the book, she will NEVER be shown as anything other than a misplaced, offensive, and romanticized stereotype.

Where are the re-drawings of “corrected” Esmeralda? Where are the reworkings of her character like we see of Pocahontas and Mulan?

It will never happen - because we don’t even get that much respect.

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MULAN FANS ARE are understandably perplexed and excited for the arrival of Disney's Fa Mulan on Once Upon a Time and they undoubtedly know about the poem of Hua Mulan, the inspiration behind the 1998 Disney film, but here's a little known Chinese film you may not have seen. Mulan (or Hua Mulan) is yet another adaptation of the "Ballad of Hua Mulan" the ancient Chinese Poem that tells the tale of a young woman who joins the army in her father's stead and saves China. However, it makes no apparent attempts to disguise the fact that Mulan is a woman, leading an army and fighting as of now (for me) nondescript enemy (presumably lead by a Bjork-feathered villain with paperback romance hair). I haven't seen it yet, but the movie looks gorgeous (and good to boot).

Mulan (simplified Chinese: 花木兰; traditional Chinese: 花木蘭; pinyin: Huā Mùlán) is a 2009 Chinese film starring Zhao Wei as the titular protagonist. The director, Jingle Ma, has explained that this film is vastly different from the 1998 Walt Disney animated film and adheres more to his imagination. Zhao Wei was cast by Ma as Hua Mulan over actresses Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, and Liu Yifei, who were reportedly also considered for the role. The Russian singer Vitas also has a role in this film and helped publicize the film by providing a song titled Beneath the Glory for the film score.

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Do you ever watch the opening of the Disney animated classic "Beauty and the Beast" and wish that instead of yelling "bonjour!" in the streets of Paris, the townspeople shouted "what's good?" to Belle as she strolled through the ghetto?

In this astoundingly well-executed parody from onetime "American Idol" contestant Todrick Hall and an assemblage of YouTube celebrities -- and even a glimpse of Antoine Dodson (or at least a lookalike) -- "Belle" goes through her morning walk through the 'hood, gets her hair did, and gets holla'd at by Jerome (not Gaston).

Best of all, everyone looks like they're having fun. Try not to watch this one over and over. [SOURCE]

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So there's a rumor I keep seeing whenever I search the name of the prebuestent character that somehow twixt the nethers of all over-age and age appropiate females everywhere (just because he's voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). According to the rumor, the artists for Jim Hawkins of Teasure Planet originally intended the character to be an African-American character before they defaulted to white. Is there any truth to this? Because if so, phooey to you Disney for not going with it.

Also: disney_pocs is an official affiliate with [ profile] d_princesses. Most of you are members from there, so I don't have to tell you visit it.
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tumblr user lightspeedsound lists in a fourteen minute video 5 problematic counter arguments in relation to the nature of the Disney Fandom's problematic "blind-eye" counter-arguments against the Feminist critiques and disappointments with Disney's franchise and treatment of women in a post-adolescent age.

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This was initially where my last post about Disney, Sexism and Racism was going until I realized that Disney’s racism really does deserve it’s own topic. If not a series of them. The problematic issues brought up in that post are still true in this one. I also suggest everyone read ColorQ’s review which goes down how incredibly inaccurate Mulan is to the source material as well as Chinese culture at the time and a few other points as well, and this post in no way refutes them- they’re all true.

Aside from the numerous problems (which are inevitable, this being Disney and Hollywood in general), I do like Mulan, I like the way it approaches sexism because it isn’t in an over-the-top approach of smashing anyone over the head with an aesop or trying to invalidate feminists, it wouldn’t be an awful way of showing it in our culture. Unfortunately, Mulan would probably be completely unacceptable if she were white and in white culture.

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