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There's a lot of talk and discussion about the disappointment on the direction Disney has taken their adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. In particular, the utter disappointment in the fact that Disney has narratively and artistically decided to ape the process they used in Tangled, giving future audiences a female protagonist that is a): akin to their Rapunzel in every meaning of the word and b): that she follows the template of yet another variation of their blonde, blue/green eyed protagonist. To say nothing of the frustration over the minimizing the focus on a female geared journey that focused on saving her male friend and replacing it with a battle between embittered sisters and an adrenaline junkie male, the frustration eventually gave way to this: thisshouldhavebeenfrozen.

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The site is still in its early developments, but be sure to check it out and if you're an artist, feel free to contribute.
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Borra WeekSurprise and Moonlight

A Peter Pan/LOK crossover because Bolin is green and Korra is blue? Also Bolin reminds me of Peter quite a bit. The background is off a screenshot, doctored and tweaked into submission.

Supremely late, I know. I had to force myself into finishing this since I’m having a pretty bad day in exchange for a good night last night. My head still feels like I’m foxtrotting with a jackhammer *groan*

Also, I’ve gained nearly a hundred followers overnight? Did I accidentally sell my soul or something? Welcome to my Tumblr, I hope you enjoy your stay :D

Past weeks done so far: BromotionsZutara

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I don’t where I read it, but for the longest time I thought Disney’s next animated film “The snow queen” ( now frozen) was set in Mongolia. But the newest concept art officially and completely squishes that, so I am now lamenting the change with a concept of what could have been.

Artist note: painted this in sketch club and accidently destroyed the colors halfway through, they were much better before :(

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I tend to put on old 90’s movies on while I work on things, and the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella from 1997 with Brandy and Whitney Houston and Paolo Montalban is one of my favorites.

The stepsisters are hilarious, too - their overly dramatic reaction to Cinderella’s comment gave some awesome expressions there. 

I’ll probably share some more sketches from this movie later this weekend!

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THE FOLLOWING PIECES are probably the only existing fanart of Flynn's original concept, the Romani Thief named Bastion, together and without Rapunzel. The artists' name seems to have been lost to the seven winds is David Gilson, a very popular artist on (who apparently had ties with the actual film).



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