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~Snow White~

I’m soooooooooo sorry I’ve been inactive! D:

I’ve had the worst block ever, but I figured out that I’ve just gotta push through. With that I bring you my latest piece fresh out the oven.

I had this idea a while back about how cool it would be if there were a black Snow White. In the original fairy tale, her beauty is attributed to the strong contrast in her white skin against her black hair and eyes, so I thought hmm… What if it was her snowy hair and eyes that contrasted against her dark skin? I referenced a few things for this painting, I’m happy with the turnout, hope you guys are too.


Aladdin Themed Costume Wedding

Aladdin Themed Costume Wedding. More Photos and Info about the couple found here [SOURCE: 1, 2]


once upon a time au | aladdin (with yet another Indian twist)

once upon a time au | aladdin (with an Indian twist) - [Fancast: Dev Patel as Aladdin, Amara Karan as Jasmine]
“No magic lamps, no magic carpet rides, no three wishes… I don’t have much to offer the crown jewel of Agrabah.”
“I didn’t fall in love with Prince Ali, you idiot. The street urchin who was too stupid to steal in broad daylight—that’s the one I fell for.” (X)

#Character Spotlight: Mermaid Collection by FERNL @deviantArt.com

IF THERE'S ANYTHING DeciantART user FERNL loves to do, its re-imagine Disney characters as color coded mermaids --- obviously stemming from an adoration of 1989's The Little Mermaid. The following pieces below are a collection of Disney Heroes and Disney Heroines as the aforementioned.


Best Of Rifftrax: Aladdin (if it actually existed)

as the title suggest. The guys at Rifftrax (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett) have never done a riff of Aladdin. I just took some jokes from some of the rifftrax I have and put them over scenes of Aladdin. I first got the idea when I saw "The best of Rifftrax: Metroid Prime Trilogy" and thought it'd be cool to try and do something like that and after watching the lamp getting scene inside the cave of wonders and how it was pretty much the first scene of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, that's where this joke came from at 3:36 - 3:39 and I went from there. [SOURCE]

Aladdin Coming to Broadway

Last night, Alan Menken held an intimate performance as part of the ‘Destination D’ event at the Disneyland Resort, held by Disney D23, the official fan club of The Walt Disney Company. After wowing the attending crowd with music from decades of his Tony, Grammy and Oscar-winning career, he closed the show with ‘Proud of Your Boy,’ a song that was intended for the original 1992 film, but was cut due to story changes.

It was when introducing the song that Menken mentioned the musical is currently being tweaked for a Broadway run, according to reports from attendees.

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petitetiaras Disney Prince and Princess Magazine Mock Ups

TUMBLR USER petitetiaras has become pretty popular with the creation of her magazine and article mock ups with the employ of the Disney Princesses under said Disney Brand. A project that presumably began in late 2011, the "Disney Princess" magazine style was later used with the few Disney heroes connected to the Disney Princesses. These covers have been making the rounds online for a grand total for the past nine months (eight for Princes) or so, a testament to their popularity with the Disney fandom. Featured below are the likes of Aladdin, Shang, Naveen, Tiana, Pocahontas and Jasmine. True to the nature of Magazine covers and editorial, the magazine features over bright contrast on our heroes and neon color pretty much everywhere. Kinda wish she or he would do the others characters against Magazine Mock ups.

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