Blog: The Whitest Place you know - "Tangled" MEME

BECAUSE TUMBLR never fails to entertain and inform at the same time it gets Disney fans hackles up in a mighty knot:



Anika Noni Rose on CBS' "Elementary"

Not at all Disney-focused, but Elementary's fifth episode, (1x05) "Lesser Evils", features Princess and the Frog's actress Anika Noni Rose as Dr Carrie Dwyer, Joan Watson’s former colleague. Be sure to check it out! [x]

#Character Spotlight: Li Shang - "I'll make a business man out of you"

(c)artist unknown

TO EXAGGERATE, I fell over laughing at this. Seriously, its probably one of the best "I'll make a Man out of You" Parodies I've read in a while. Check it out or share some of your own or discovered parody's of this song.

Let’s get down to business.
To outbid the huns!
Here I have some figures
and some facts and sums!
It’s the saddest lot you’ve ever bought
but if you bet on this one too
Mister I’ll
make you a buck
or two
Business man!
We must be swift as the stock exchanges
Business man!
With all the force of a great tycoon
Business man!
With all the strength of a thriving market
Mysterious as the Romney’s revenues!
I’m never gonna get this back
Say good bye to my salary
Boy was I fool in school for cutting STATS
This guy’s got them scared to death
Hope he doesn’t see my assets
Now I really wish I knew how to add!
“Mysterious as the Romney’s revenues!” [SOURCE]

Disney Princess voices sing together at the 2011 D23 Expo

LAST YEAR Soprano singer Lea Salonga (the singing voice for both Mulan and Jasmine) and actress Anika Noni Rose appeared @ 2011 D23 Expo and performed "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" and the songs of their respective films ("Almost There" and "Reflection"). Also present at the ceremony was Jodi Benson of Little Mermaid fame. Both actresses were made honorary Disney Legends at the ceremony alongside many other actors who contributed their talents to the animated canon of Disney.