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I tend to put on old 90’s movies on while I work on things, and the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella from 1997 with Brandy and Whitney Houston and Paolo Montalban is one of my favorites.

The stepsisters are hilarious, too - their overly dramatic reaction to Cinderella’s comment gave some awesome expressions there. 

I’ll probably share some more sketches from this movie later this weekend!

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An all-female production of the musical in Japan in 2008 featured J-Pop group Morning Musume and veteran members of the Takarazuka Revue The production ran throughout August 2008, at Shinjuku Koma Theater. The lead roles of Cinderella and the Prince were performed by Morning Musume members Ai Takahashi and Risa Niigaki. [SOURCE]

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Rodger's and Hammerstein's 1997 remake of their 1957 Cinderella musical has seen something of a resurgence of modest popularity with the untimely passing of songstress Whitney Huston (whom I'll miss forever, like many others). The film debuted on television via "The Wonderful World of Disney" and was one of the block's highest rated [musical] films (or shows) at the time. This particular rendition of Cinderella is noted for its diverse "rainbow" cast, musical numbers and equally colorful sets and costumes.

One of the things I've always enjoyed about the film (aside from some of its musical numbers) that the 1950 film lacked was the empathesis of action and inaction with the protagonist (or "dreamers") and making things happen as opposed to remaining passive and allowing emotional or verbal abuse to continue, even if it doesn't technically fire on all cylinders with the message. Brandy makes a wonderfully charming and bright-eyed Cinderella and Whitney Huston is the best Fairy Godmother yet, as a stern, but encouraging guardian angel. The movie will celebrate its 15th anniversary November 2nd, 2012 since premiering on television in 1997. I can't believe they never released a soundtrack for this (unless I'm mistaken).

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