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disney_pocs has a new affiliate: [community profile] thelaughingplace created by the moderators of the now closed down [ profile] wd_rewatch on If you've got an account, please feel free to join 'em.
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FOR THE LONGEST TIME, I thought of going back to tumblr to create a counterpart blog for this community, but by complete chance I came across disneyofcolor, a blog dedicated to the POC characters featured in Walt Disney animated features (and other animated features). Naturally, I acted quickly and asked if they wanted to affiliate with the community and they said 'yes'. So, ladies and gentlemen, be sure to check out of disneyofcolor if you're looking for great .gif sets or graphics featuring your favorite heroes and heroines.

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SENSATIONAL DISNEY.NET is now disney_pocs newest affiliate.

If you own a tumblr or are looking for a Disney blog with great graphics, check out their blog.
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So there's a rumor I keep seeing whenever I search the name of the prebuestent character that somehow twixt the nethers of all over-age and age appropiate females everywhere (just because he's voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). According to the rumor, the artists for Jim Hawkins of Teasure Planet originally intended the character to be an African-American character before they defaulted to white. Is there any truth to this? Because if so, phooey to you Disney for not going with it.

Also: disney_pocs is an official affiliate with [ profile] d_princesses. Most of you are members from there, so I don't have to tell you visit it.
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Earlier this year, Square Enix's wildly popular action RPG franchise, Kingdom Hearts, celebrated its 10th anniversary and released Kingdom Hearts [3D] Dream Drop Distance in succession to its celebration on the Nintendo 3DS. The same. Among the featured worlds to visit in the game, Hunchback of Notre Dame, who's world is named "La Cité des Cloches" (The City of Bells), is one of the major levels. Is anyone here familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series and still remotely looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III?

If you're a fan be sure to check out our new affiliate: [ profile] 0kingdom_hearts, a fairly active KH community.


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