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IF THERE'S ANYTHING DeciantART user FERNL loves to do, its re-imagine Disney characters as color coded mermaids --- obviously stemming from an adoration of 1989's The Little Mermaid. The following pieces below are a collection of Disney Heroes and Disney Heroines as the aforementioned.

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TO CELEBRATE: the Holiday/Christmas season, petitetiaras and bibbitybobbitywho has created Tumblr icons of the Disney Princesses dressed in the festive, tacky red, green and white clothing that has become representative of snow, sweets and gifts under the tree. Though they deem they are for tumblr, I've seen plenty of LiveJournal users reduce the sizes to the appropriate 100x100 pixels and use them here.

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TO CELEBRATE: the Halloween season, petitetiaras and bibbitybobbitywho has created Tumblr icons of the Disney Princesses dressed as particular personalities or characters reflective of a certain era. Though she deems they are for tumblr, I've seen plenty of LiveJournal users reduce the sizes to the appropriate 100x100 pixels and use them here.


+ Jasmine as an 80s fitness girl, angel, bat
+ Aladdin as Michael Jackson (?), Loki
+ Pocahontas as the Disco Hippie, Sailor Moon
+ Tiana as CatWoman, Cowboy, Cleopatra
+ Naveen as Batman
+ Esmeralda as a mermaid, zombie
+ Shang as Sokka of the Water Tribe, robin hood
+ Mulan as Rosie the riveter, kyoshi warrior
+ Kida as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas
+ Lilo as a witch
+ Doctor Facilier as himself
+ Kuzco as Cinderella
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THANKS TO THE POWERS OF social media websites (such as, The Mary Sue or, DeviantART artists tend to become fairly popular rather quickly and they catch the attention all those who watch them. Like Jirka Väätäinen, shoomlah, and viria13 before her, skirtzzz made internet headlines with her Disney Princess Dresssphere collection.

Beserker (Pocahontas), Thief (Kida), Black Mage (Esmerleda)

The collection featured almost every Disney Heroine from a feature or animated film as Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy X-2 inspired Summons and Dresssphere,  fanservicy combat-geared costumes as used by Yuna, Paine and Riku. However, of all the characters she presented at the present, Tiana was unfortunately represented in her collection as a Frog Mascot akin to the kind you'd see a football or baseball game while the other characters were looking ravishing in their flowing dresses and sparkly costumes. The set eventually found its way to tumblr and the ever-present presence of the social justice sphere caught hold of it and rightfully inquired as to why Tiana was the only Princess out of the handful she'd created then was singled out and left in a rather unflattering uniform. However, unlike the situation shoomlah faced in regards to her Pocahontas piece, the objection was strong enough that the artist acknowledged the complaints and redrew Tiana as arguably one of the strongest Final Fantasy summons in the series, SHIVA. But of course, one cannot have Tiana without Charlotte LeBoeuf and she was also given a summon redesign. I'm rather surprised there aren't any complaints about making Mulan, a Chinese hero, a Japanese Samurai, but nonetheless, the collection is pretty and well thought out for the most part. Click behind the cut to check out the selected few.

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Kida - the Forgotten Disney Princess
Atlantis: The Lost Empire is not considered a Disney classic, but is definitely one of Disney’s gems, as a film that takes on mythological ideas and expands upon it by creating a plausible world that blends the spiritual with the scientific. It has a few problems - elements of White Savior-ism for example - but I consider it one of Disney’s great underrated films.

The one character that I think is perhaps one of the most underrated women in Disney’s animated films is Kida, Disney’s forgotten princess of Atlantis. As she was created in the post-1990s Disney Renaissance but pre-Princess and the Frog, she is unfortunately in the limbo of Disney films. She is also one of the few princesses who is not the protagonist of the film she is in, and the only princess not to be featured in a musical film, the big stick that drives her into not being considered among the princess elites.

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