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You know, I’ve seen a lot of Disney Mom “Happy Mother’s Day!” posts going around, but all of them I’ve seen neglected one very important Disney “mom.”

So props to Nani, who - for all her shortcomings - genuinely loved her sister and only wanted the best for her. She had to be a mom because she had no choice, and she did her best… her level best. Even if she got frustrated, even if she got scared.

And in the end? She made it work.

Actually crying.

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SO, THE MOD OF THE TUMBLR BLOG (Mary), petitetiaras, decided to close her blog of the same name because folk were re-posting her graphics and recieving likes and follows as a result. Most I've come across never credited, others did. But the apparent request that people not re-post her work didn't go heeded so she decided to close her blog, but has maintained to keep simpledisneythings and her other blogs open. I'm generally apthatic toward the closure of blogs especially with ones that have a legion of followers, but seems just a tad reactionary, especially given the nature of that particular website, especially when it doesn't bypass Tumblr's tag search.

The Challenge )

Click and Drag game. Epilepsy Warning. GIFs move very fast )

I got:
Pocahontas (Princess)
Pasquale (Best Friend)
Aladdin (Lover)
Prince Eric's Castle (Living in)
Fa Mulan's Parents (Raised By)
Dr. Facilier (Villain)

How about you?
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...For most of the movie, Mulan has felt out of place. She doesn’t know where she fits in. Covering herself in femininity doesn’t work, like, at all. The scene of the matchmaker…I don’t even have to explain to show you how much that is not her. But then she runs away and poses as a man. She tries her hardest to blend in and be a guy, but at the same time, covering herself in the masculine just doesn’t work. She’s still awkward and out of place. The men eventually embrace her as one of their own, see her as a guy, but they see her as a strange guy, a very effeminate man. But this scene, this final part of the movie, she has finally found her place. She is short haired (masculine) and wearing a woman’s outfit. She has found her place as a tomboy, somewhere in the middle of extremes.

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FOR A MOMENT I I totally thought this was fan made, but apparently it's an official animation for Harrod's "Disney Princesses" or the 'Electric Holiday' showcase announced a couple months earlier during the summer.

DISNEY has teamed up with US department store Barneys to immortalise a host of fashion's key names through a cartoon film that will be broadcast in the shop from Wednesday, November 14.

The short, entitled Electric Holiday, follows Minnie Mouse as she dreams her way to Paris Fashion Week. Along her travels, she comes across a selection of the industry's most famous faces - including Lady Gaga, Alber Elbaz, Carine Roitfeld, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mario Sorrenti. The film will be played on repeat on LED tiles that cover the two-story ground floor façade, WWD reports.

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