Sep. 3rd, 2012

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SUFFICED TO SAY, despite knowing Jackie Chan was trained in various talents at Peking Opera School, I've always been hesitant to listen to any attempt of him singing. I was sadly mistaken in that hesitation because he has a lovely voice.

"I'll Make a Man out of You" (Cantonese)

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tumblr user lightspeedsound lists in a fourteen minute video 5 problematic counter arguments in relation to the nature of the Disney Fandom's problematic "blind-eye" counter-arguments against the Feminist critiques and disappointments with Disney's franchise and treatment of women in a post-adolescent age.

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  • That’s So Raven went through several revisions before final casting. The original name for the main character was Dawn Baxter, and the show was titled ‘The Future Is on Me’. The character’s name was then changed to Rose Baxter, and the show was called ‘Absolutely Psychic’. After casting Raven-Symoné in the lead role, the character’s name was changed to Raven Baxter, and the show was finally called That’s So Raven.
  • That’s So Raven was responsible for many firsts for Disney Channel. In 2005, the series became the network’s highest-rated series since the network’s move to basic cable, and was the first series to garner more than three-million viewers. In 1998, Disney implemented the highly controversial programming rule that any original series would end after 65 episodes to prevent production costs from increasing and the show from going stale. However, the series eventually hit 100 episodes, becoming the channel’s longest-running original series until October 2011. The show is also the First Disney-produced series to produce a spinoff (Cory in the House).
  • That’s so Raven was nominated in 2005 and 2007 for Emmy Awards for outstanding children’s programming.
  • T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh felt her character Tonya Baxter on That’s so Raven was going nowhere and quit the show near the end of the third season. After her departure, her absence was explained in one episode by saying that Tonya received a scholarship to study International Law in Europe. [SOURCE]

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So there's a rumor I keep seeing whenever I search the name of the prebuestent character that somehow twixt the nethers of all over-age and age appropiate females everywhere (just because he's voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). According to the rumor, the artists for Jim Hawkins of Teasure Planet originally intended the character to be an African-American character before they defaulted to white. Is there any truth to this? Because if so, phooey to you Disney for not going with it.

Also: disney_pocs is an official affiliate with [ profile] d_princesses. Most of you are members from there, so I don't have to tell you visit it.


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