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There's a lot of talk and discussion about the disappointment on the direction Disney has taken their adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. In particular, the utter disappointment in the fact that Disney has narratively and artistically decided to ape the process they used in Tangled, giving future audiences a female protagonist that is a): akin to their Rapunzel in every meaning of the word and b): that she follows the template of yet another variation of their blonde, blue/green eyed protagonist. To say nothing of the frustration over the minimizing the focus on a female geared journey that focused on saving her male friend and replacing it with a battle between embittered sisters and an adrenaline junkie male, the frustration eventually gave way to this: thisshouldhavebeenfrozen.

Given the lack of PoC in current Disney films and of course in the upcoming feature Frozen. I decided to create a little project if everyone is willing to participate.

I want to re-take Frozen and draw our very own “concept art” with PoC as protagonists. This can literally be drawing Frozen set in other snowy places like Mongolia, like the wonderful art done by marydoodler. Or it can be the Inuit as Frozen characters. Or even racebending the Frozen protagonists, Anna and Kristoff. Get creative! The point is to spread across the idea that PoC CAN BE DISNEY PROTAGONISTS and the film could still be beautiful and work.

I am calling from the bottom of my heart all the artists to support this project and participate in it! I am not myself an artist and have no experience whatsoever. Like the Hawkeye initiative has raised awareness about sexism in comics, I want this project to raise awareness on the lack of representation in films.

Please don’t have artist jitters or doubts! I am honest when I tell you everyone on tumblr who says they can’t draw “nice” draw amazingly well. Please don’t be shy and submit to the project. The goal of this project is not for Disney to change Frozen, for it is probably well into production, but for Disney to consider including PoC in upcoming films. [SOURCE]

Please signal boost and spread the word!

The site is still in its early developments, but be sure to check it out and if you're an artist, feel free to contribute.
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