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With As Once Upon a Time Season 2 around the corner, and with fans wondering what the new magic in Storybrooke will bring on September 30, TV Fanatic has uncovered some scoop: Prince Charming may have some competition riding into town.

In an exclusive interview, Sinqua Walls spoke to us about his dangerous new role as Sir Lancelot, his sword play with Charming and also revealed the identity of his biggest television crush...

ABC described Sir Lancelot will be "a sword for hire with nothing to lose." What more can you tell us about him?
That's right. There's more character development that comes, naturally. He's a very interesting and dangerous man. He's fun. I think the fans are going to like him but he's definitely a man you'll want to know more about. A sword for hire is a dangerous man. Any man who can wield a sword effortlessly is dangerous.

Was there sword training involved for the role?
I did a little bit of training. I did some sword fighting, just to get comfortable with the sword that we were going to use. It was really great because Josh Dallas, who plays Charming on the show, he has a lot of sword training as well. So just from like working with him and watching him I learned a lot of how to be effortless with the sword. I also did some horseback riding training as well to get comfortable and know the nuances of how a knight in shining armor rides.

Had you watched the show before you got this part?
I did. I think as an actor you always watch the new shows that come out because you want to get a feel for everything. You study a lot of directors and screenwriters and movies that are up for awards. So I had watched the show just as research to get familiar with the tone of the show. Obviously when I knew I was going to play the character I watched the show even more so that I could get a really good background of the characters that I was in relation to and how I could really live in the scenes with them.

Do you know how many episodes you'll be in this season?
That is a question that I don't know the exact answer to. I know I'm going to be in more than one. But right now there's going to be more stories involving Lancelot and we'll see what comes around.

Which other characters will you interacting with on the show?
I interact with Snow. I interact with Charming, Emma and Henry. There's the Evil Queen. So I interact with a lot of different characters. Also Mulan.

Once Upon a Time tends to deal with lots of special effects. Does that make your job more of a challenge?
What was interesting and what I really liked about working on Once was that even though there's a lot of special effects you get to see what it's going to look like while it's shot. I think they're really good about that. You'll be working on a green screen or whatever and they show you how it will actually look digitally so you know exactly the world you'll be working it. Then you really try to envision what's going on and you put yourself in a certain stance. It's not too hard but it really helps that you can actually see it before you go and do it.

You've been on several other popular shows, Teen Wolf, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Friday Night Lights and more. Have you had a favorite or a most challenging experience on TV so far?
Nothing's really been challenging. I mean I was in, doing the work. For me, I always take the position of preparing myself before I start shooting. Doing research, understanding the character. Sitting down with the writers. Talking with the directors I'm going to be working with. For me, just being prepared has always been the easiest way for me to make the transition. I think the most fun I've had…honestly I had a lot of fun working on Once because there were just so many different nuances. I really like how they're bringing the old fairy tale characters into present day. Then seeing how those alter egos are evolving, like who would this person be if they weren't Snow White but who would they be if they were really a present day person. The dynamic for that. That's been a lot of fun.

If you had your pick of appearing on any show currently on TV, which would you choose?
Ooh. Well, I had a great time working on Teen Wolf so I can't rule out Teen Wolf but I also would love to be on Shameless. I just love that show. I don't know if you've had the opportunity to watch it but Amy Rossum, William H Macy, the entire cast, they do a great, great job. I'm a huge fan. I've watched the same episodes multiple times. Now I have a huge crush on Amy as well.

Anything else you can share about your upcoming episodes on Once Upon a Time?
Watch out! Lancelot is coming. It should be fun. I think everyone is going to enjoy it. I think everyone on the show works really hard. I definitely tried to bring Lancelot to life as much as possible. I really think people are going to pleased with it and impressed with the work that goes on to make Lancelot a memorable character.

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