Oct. 4th, 2012

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WHILE I'M BUSY bemoaning the Captain Hook being upgraded to series regular cast over Mulan and Lancelot, here are more BTS, promotional stills and clips for the two upcoming episodes, "We Are Both" and "Lady Of The Lake" (complete with Aurora getting her privilege handed to her by Snow White. The Ultimate Irony).

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With As Once Upon a Time Season 2 around the corner, and with fans wondering what the new magic in Storybrooke will bring on September 30, TV Fanatic has uncovered some scoop: Prince Charming may have some competition riding into town.

In an exclusive interview, Sinqua Walls spoke to us about his dangerous new role as Sir Lancelot, his sword play with Charming and also revealed the identity of his biggest television crush...

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ARIST Illumistrations is rewound for creating racebent versions of traditionally white characters (or on a different spin, Japanese characters in Sailor Moon). In the case of Princess and the Frog, he's drawn two pieces for Tiana and they're lovely. Check out larger versions behind the cut.

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