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IF THERE'S ANYTHING DeciantART user FERNL loves to do, its re-imagine Disney characters as color coded mermaids --- obviously stemming from an adoration of 1989's The Little Mermaid. The following pieces below are a collection of Disney Heroes and Disney Heroines as the aforementioned.

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TRYING TO LOCATE great or halfway decent artwork of Disney Heroes is a pain the ass, most especially for characters like Li Shang. DeviantART search result typically bear cosplaying, screencaps or character renders from Kingdom Hearts and for the most part, these are the only pieces that really appealed to me.

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(c)artist unknown

TO EXAGGERATE, I fell over laughing at this. Seriously, its probably one of the best "I'll make a Man out of You" Parodies I've read in a while. Check it out or share some of your own or discovered parody's of this song.

Let’s get down to business.
To outbid the huns!
Here I have some figures
and some facts and sums!
It’s the saddest lot you’ve ever bought
but if you bet on this one too
Mister I’ll
make you a buck
or two
Business man!
We must be swift as the stock exchanges
Business man!
With all the force of a great tycoon
Business man!
With all the strength of a thriving market
Mysterious as the Romney’s revenues!
I’m never gonna get this back
Say good bye to my salary
Boy was I fool in school for cutting STATS
This guy’s got them scared to death
Hope he doesn’t see my assets
Now I really wish I knew how to add!
“Mysterious as the Romney’s revenues!” [SOURCE]
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This was initially where my last post about Disney, Sexism and Racism was going until I realized that Disney’s racism really does deserve it’s own topic. If not a series of them. The problematic issues brought up in that post are still true in this one. I also suggest everyone read ColorQ’s review which goes down how incredibly inaccurate Mulan is to the source material as well as Chinese culture at the time and a few other points as well, and this post in no way refutes them- they’re all true.

Aside from the numerous problems (which are inevitable, this being Disney and Hollywood in general), I do like Mulan, I like the way it approaches sexism because it isn’t in an over-the-top approach of smashing anyone over the head with an aesop or trying to invalidate feminists, it wouldn’t be an awful way of showing it in our culture. Unfortunately, Mulan would probably be completely unacceptable if she were white and in white culture.

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TUMBLR USER petitetiaras has become pretty popular with the creation of her magazine and article mock ups with the employ of the Disney Princesses under said Disney Brand. A project that presumably began in late 2011, the "Disney Princess" magazine style was later used with the few Disney heroes connected to the Disney Princesses. These covers have been making the rounds online for a grand total for the past nine months (eight for Princes) or so, a testament to their popularity with the Disney fandom. Featured below are the likes of Aladdin, Shang, Naveen, Tiana, Pocahontas and Jasmine. True to the nature of Magazine covers and editorial, the magazine features over bright contrast on our heroes and neon color pretty much everywhere. Kinda wish she or he would do the others characters against Magazine Mock ups.

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