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Tiana is a hard worker who discovers her powers (Control over plants? That's what the original concept art of this costume looked like but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.) and decides to use them for good. Her back-up team inculdes her childhood friend, Lottie, a fashion designer from a wealthy family and designer of Tiana's costume. The other is the pompous, arrogant, heir to a powerful business fortune Naveen, who discovered her identity after Tiana saved his life. While the two butt heads often, Naveen is loyal to her secret and often tries to help her out. He's also pretty grateful, as he is often a target of kidnappings and assassination attempts and could really use her help.

Mulan would have been a normal girl changed after her father was attacked and injured by a mugger. Using her martial arts and sword training she acquired over the years, she takes on her superhero persona (Stone Dragon?) and protects the streets. I think it would be cool if Shang was a young police officer who becomes an ally. Shang tries many times to discover her identity, but mostly asks for help, gives her clues and information, and occasionally goes with her. The three guys, Yao, Ling and Chien-Po, could be his officers.

After Pocahontas’ mother passed away, things hadn’t been the same. She and her father began to drift apart, and suddenly he saw Pocahontas’ desire to keep strange pets (a raccoon named Meeko and a hummingbird named Flit), lack of interest in the guy her father thought would be perfect for her (a serious law student named Kocoum), and her daredevil behavior as a reason to send her to a psychiatrist. In truth, Pocahontas had always been willing to take risks, but now it seemed like a cry for help. Pocahontas did have a secret, however. Since her mother died, she had inherited a special ability her mother had once had. She could hear voices from trees, understand the feelings of animals, and sometimes, she could even control the wind. Her father did not seem to know of this, and hiding this secret seemed to push them even further away. She left for college in the city with her best friend Nakoma in hopes of becoming a biologist. She soon became involved with a protest group against a local company set on destroying the trees in a nearby area. She became a very outspoken activist against the organization and its CEO, Joh Ratcliffe, and as a result, she met John Smith. John was a fellow student at her school who had recently been hired by Ratcliffe. John seemed to agree with Pocahontas, and despite their opposing sides, they began dating. Pocahontas’ life came to a speeding halt when Kocoum came to visit her at school and to help support Pocahontas’ activist group. He caused an angry scene when he found out John and Pocahontas were dating, and later that night when she tried to go talk to him about it, she witnessed his murder. John Smith was the first suspect but with Pocahontas’ description of the killer, he was let go. The suspicion against him, however, remained in the public eye. Pocahontas tried to look for Kocoum’s killer, and her investigations all pointed her to Ratcliffe’s company. Deciding she needed to take a stand, Pocahontas made a whip handle that she could make into a wind whip and began the life of a masked vigilante. Along the way, she went after those who endangered wildlife, but soon began to fight any crime and protect anyone who needed her.

Esmeralda has lived her entire life witnessing injustice in her community. Born into the lower-class, broken down area of the city, Esmeralda had to learn how to toughen up in order to survive. Ever since she was a child, she has made it her mission to speak out against someone mistreating another. Now an adult, Esmeralda has taken up the masked vigilante life in order to protect those who cannot defend themselves. As The Gypsy, Esmeralda created a great enemy for herself. Claude Frollo was a city politician with a hidden agenda of murder and deception. His power in the city council has made it difficult for Esmeralda to expose him. When she publicly spoke out against him, Frollo put a bounty on her head and turned her into a wanted criminal. While investigating Frollo’s background, Esmeralda met a young, disfigured computer genius name Quasimodo Hulce. Quasi was Frollo’s adopted son, something Frollo did his best keeping out of the media. Quasi was raised away from the public and had been taught to become a shut-in as an embarrassment of his disfigurement. Esmeralda and Quasi became friends, and Quasi agreed to help Esmeralda as long as Frollo never discovered their friendship. While Quasi began to help Esmeralda, Frollo hired a young bodyguard named Phoebus Kline, an ex-solder returning from Afghanistan. While his job meant he had to capture or kill The Gypsy, Phoebus and Esmeralda began to fall in love and he became another ally against Frollo. Together, Esmeralda continued to provide the oppressed people in the city with a watchful eye and a strong voice against criminals.

Jasmine’s father was the leader of a secret organization of assassins that had been a part of their family for generations. Jasmine was raised to fight and trained to someday lead the organization, but she would often wonder what a normal life would be like. When Jasmine was almost eighteen, she was to graduate and gain a ranking amongst the group, but she had to assassinate someone in order to move up. Jasmine went to complete her task, but she couldn’t find it to kill her target. She spoke against the ways of the group and angered her father before deciding to run away from the life altogether. Jasmine traveled for some time before finding the city where the other superheroes seemed to reside. The life of a vigilante hero enchanted her, and she took up the name Rajah (named after a pet tiger she had owned as a child) and began chasing villains. While living in her decapitated apartment, Jasmine met her neighbor Aladdin Cassim, a clever but struggling street performer who occasionally pickpocketed people to make a living. Jasmine and Aladdin became fascinated with each other but Jasmine still doesn’t trust him with her secret identity. Meanwhile, her father’s old right-hand man, Jafar has gone rogue and has followed Jasmine’s trail to the city, and he seems to have found a strange and terrifying power.

SOURCE | Superhero Disney Princess Group!


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