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"A legendary warrior is joining Once Upon a Time‘s second season. Hangover 2 and Sucker Punch actress Jamie Chung has been cast as the Chinese fighter Mulan in the show. The character is expected to have a recurring role in the ABC hit’s eagerly awaited second season.

The character originates from an ancient Chinese poem about Hua Mulan, a young woman who takes her elderly father’s place in the army. ABC’s parent company Disney adapted the story for a well-received 1998 animated musical film starring Ming-Na and Eddie Murphy.

Mulan is described as having been trained in weaponry, tracking and riding, but “has a spirituality that enhances her tactical and strategic abilities. She has suffered past betrayals, so her trust is hard-won, but once she gives her oath of friendship her loyalty knows no boundaries.” Also, “when she falls in love, she falls hard.” [SOURCE]

Sinqua Walls lands the role of 'Lancelot' in ABC's 'Once Upon a Time'

Sinqua Walls, who as of late has been recurring on MTV’s Teen Wolf as pack member Boyd, has been cast on ABC’s fantastical sophomore drama as Sir Lancelot, TVLine has learned exclusively. I’m hearing that Once Upon a Time willintroduce Lancelot as a “sword for hire with nothing to lose,” a onetime proud member of King Arthur’s Round Table who has since been banished, tearing him away from his true love (Queen Guinevere, as lore tells us).

Already for Season 2 (premiere date TBA), Once has cast the roles of Sleeping Beauty and Mulan, and promoted Emilie de Ravin (aka “Belle”) and Meghan Ory (Ruby/Red Riding Hood) to series regular status. UPDATE: Walls is thus far booked for one episode as Lancelot, per ABC. The actor’s other TV credits include Friday Night Lights (playing Jamarcus Hall), The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Pair of Kings. [SOURCE]

Date: 2012-08-10 06:22 pm (UTC)
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I'm actually pretty excited to see Mulan next season. I wasn't really expecting her to show up, but I'm really glad. :)

Date: 2012-08-10 07:39 pm (UTC)
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I hope Tiana and Esmeralda make it into the show too. I understand why you wouldn't want Pocahontas, it might not turn out too well.


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