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OH GOSH. Before my Rapunzel piece starts circulating much further I would first like to thank racebentdisney for the reblog, but I would also just like to say that the piece isn’t meant to be disney related (anyone reblogging from them should also note that they have mentioned that in their own comments haha)! It’s fine if you’d like to think so but I would just like to put my original intent out there for the public to know.

I also wanted to point out that the illustration is originally meant as a possible nod towards the Ramayana (at least the part where Sita is captured) since the story of Rapunzel has always been a bit reminiscent of that to me. Rama in that story is usually depicted as blue (I was also considering Krishna or Vishnu reincarnations on their way to divinity). The piece is in no way supposed to be related to the Disney adaptation which has less similarities to the original Grimm fairy tale than any other Disney re-telling before it, which is fine, I loved the movie in itself, don’t get me wrong, that’s not necessarily what I was going for!

AND also a little snippet for anyone that might have doubts in my skintone morals; “”One of the theories is that Vishnu, because of his association with water, is depicted blue; therefore all his incarnations including Krishna, are shown as such. In Hinduism, persons who have depth of character and the capacity to fight evil are depicted as blue skinned. …

“The theory of the blue coloring of Krishna goes to the fact that the Creator has given the maximum of blue to nature i.e. the sky, the oceans, the rivers and lakes. The deity who has the qualities of bravery, manliness, determination, the ability to deal with difficult situations, of stable mind and depth of character is represented as blue colored. Lord Krishna spent his life protecting humanity and destroying evil, hence he is colored blue.”“


On another note, I appreciate all private messages directed at the subject as long as you keep them respectful to me as the artist. Of course there are going to be things I’m sure to have overlooked or didn’t understand. I was hoping to avoid a message like this (and I doubt a lot of the people with the real problems with the image will see this), but I will most likely not answer any more notes on the subject because I don’t want to flood dashboards unless I get a really important one (I will most likely answer privately if you’re off anon)

Other questions that I get asked A LOT need addressing:

No, it wasn’t in my initial plan to get any of these published, and I don’t really plan to in the near future it was just an assignment for class! I’m really flattered that people appreciate the project so much but I don’t know what kind of time I’ll have or what kind of publisher would pick this up (but really, thank you though, I love hearing it!)

Also, things like the type on the pages are more for the benefit of the viewer to understand the context, in the future I’d rather have a type-face more suitable for the pages that isn’t helvetica (ugh). If there’s a letter or a graphic designer out there that wants to do it by all means, I’d love it, just let me know!

Thanks you guys, you’re all beautiful~

Stay gold!

As was said, please do not remove the original artist comments if you have reblogged their Rapunzel art from our blog! I put the artwork on here because it’s a wonderful example of exploring fairytales through a different cultural lens, but the artist did not intend for it to be Tangled and you should not twist their work to make it so. They have clearly put a lot of research and care into making it, and I am sorry if there has been confusion because of RBD’s reblog!


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