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But sure let’s pretend the WoC princesses are least popular in spite of everything that indicates most of them being popular fan favorites, much more so than Aurora or Snow White?? And even if it were true, popularity of merchendise is manufactured in itself. Tired of people acting like certain princesses are associated as princesses more just by chance. It’s because they’re marketed that way! Think of how- even after Tiana came out- WoC princesses are tokenized in any princess merchendise.

If there is more than one princess, and less than six, there will almost always be only one shown. This is one of the reasons Pocahontas is less associated as a classic princess- Jasmine usually ended up being the tokenized character. Even though WoC made up almost half the line before Merida came along, I’ll be on my deathbed before I consistently, or even sporadically, see three of them togetherwhen it isn’t  entire group. Even though this happens all the time with the white princesses. (links show examples of marginalizing merchandise)

So yeah after almost 15 years of doing that since the inception of the princess line, it’s no wonder that the princesses who are featured on every piece of merchandise- because Disney chooses to feature them- become seen as the “classic princesses.” Marketing does not just make use of perceptions- it creates them. People perceive the white princesses as being classic princesses because they’ve been repeatedly exposed to this message, not because it’s a given fact of life.

It may seem pointless to talk about it to a lot of people, but no one is saying it’s racism in the sense of denial of housing opportunities, jobs, or anything like that. It is, however, a largely subconscious racial microaggression that contributes to a socialized way of viewing PoC as “the other” that are there to “show diversity” and white people, characters, preferences, everything, as the “default.” This happens not only when we refuse to call actions out, but also when we fail to even notice it happening in the first place. [SOURCE]


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